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Art, food and tradition intersect for a series of cooking classes, tastings and lunches

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    Out in Full-Flavor!

    Bits and bites from Eat The Street for Japan

    The Hawaii-Japan connection was out in full-flavor at Eat The Street for Japan as more than 3000 Honolulu foodies gathered in a Kakaako parking-lot last Friday night to savor great food and share their support for Japan.

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    Prelude - Eat The Street For Japan

    Honolulu street food rally dedicated to Japan earthquake and tsunami relief

    Honolulu’s burgeoning mobile food truck community is sharing their aloha for Japan by serving newly created Japanese-inspired menu items for Eat The Street:Japan. The event organizers are partnering with the American Red Cross to accept donations for Japan disaster relief efforts and many of the food trucks will be contributing a portion of their sales that night.

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    Mangoes at the Moana is a month-long celebration of local produce, growers, and culinary innovation

    SYT’s Imbibe editor Tiana Kahakauwila, an ardent mango fan, muses on the winemakers, chefs and farmers who are innovating with Hawaii’s favorite backyard fruit.

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    Women and the Future of Food

    The co-founder of SheGrowsFood.com reflects on women farmers and how they’re shaping the future of food in Hawaii

  • Get Fresh

    Alan Wong's Eggscellent Recipe Contest

    Celebrates the centennial anniversary of a Wahiawa egg farm

  • Plate & Place

    Keeaumoku: Point your chopsticks this way

    This street offers a sampler platter of Asia, from Korea to Taiwan

  • Origins

    Sharing The Peruvian Table

    Potatoes and Edible Clay: A surprising but practical combination

    Visitors to the Peruvian Andes may be surprised to find their potatoes and other foods served with clay sauce.  Stifle your gag reflex.  It’s not such a bad idea. 

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    Benefit Cookbook Helps A Mom Honor Her Son’s Life

    Just in time for Mother’s Day a collection of family-style recipes benefits the legacy of 1st Lt. Jonathan Brostrom.

    On July 13, 2008 1st Lt. Jonathan Brostrom was killed in Wanat, Afghanistan defending his men under attack in one of the deadliest days of the Afghan war. The 24 year-old Brostrom was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his actions that day. A Damien Memorial School and University of Hawaii graduate, his parents live in Aiea, Hawaii and continue to struggle with the loss of their eldest son.

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    What Chefs Eat

    New iPhone app tells you what Hawaii’s top chefs eat on their nights off

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    Eating Local the Wong Way

    Chef Alan Wong creates an edible journey of Hawaii’s culture and history with each delicious bite of his locally sourced cuisine.

    “I want our guests to taste Hawaii,” says Alan. “How do you define that?  You take fish from our waters, fruits and vegetables that were grown here, meat from our ranches. Then you look at our immigration and plantation past.” 

  • Hawaii Ranchers Ground Beef now available

    It's time for Honolulu consumers to step up to the plate and buy locally raised beef

    Hawaii Ranchers Ground Beef, a 100 per cent local, grass fed, pasture raised ground beef product is being launched March 10 at three Foodland stores in Honolulu – Market City, Beretania, and Foodland Farms in Aina Haina.

  • Imbibe

    Loving a Wine Lover

    A gift guide that addresses your grape-nut valentine's other passions

    You’ve accomplished the easy part: You’ve found yourself a special valentine, and you’ve decided to buy a gift that shows how much you care. But the hard part is still ahead. What do you get someone who is forever looking for great legs, a full body, and mushroom notes? Rather than show off your gams and tape portobellos to yourself, might I suggest you go another route: Buy a gift that satisfies your wine lover’s other loves.

  • Imbibe

    When Wine Comes First

    Roy Yamaguchi and chefs pair food with some of the rarest wines in the world

    In a recent wine dinner to celebrate the 80th birthday of Tawfiq Khoury, a builder and real estate developer who at one time had the largest private wine collection in the world, Roy Yamaguchi and his staff had the daunting task of pairing food to 9 different wines they had never tasted.

  • Origins

    Hawai‘i’s State Dish: Two Scoops of Rice, Mac Salad and a Hot Entrée

    Conversation with a Hawaii food historian

    Arnold Hiura ponders the frequently asked question – “Where did the plate lunch come from?” and the origins of the loco-moco.

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    Master Class: Roy Yamaguchi Puts Hawaii Products Front and Center

    Roy Yamaguchi provides recipes from his private holiday cooking demo for Think Global, Live Local contest winner Roxane Uyehara and friends, but he admits he rarely creates the same dish twice.

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    Get More Local Products and Flavors on Your Thanksgiving Table

    A fusion feast found at our local farmers' markets

    Here in Hawaii, myriad cultures come together on the holiday table. Long before fusion food became trendy in restaurants, our Thanksgiving feasts included kimchee, sashimi and lup cheong sticky rice alongside the usual roast turkey and trimmings.

  • Imbibe

    Vino’s Wine Dinners

    Flowing wine makes for a communal table

    Share your table with friends over good wine and food paired by Sommelier Furuya and Chef Endo.

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    The Locavore Experience

    The adventures and discoveries of eating locally

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    Ethel’s Grill is a Place of Local Legend

    Dock workers, businessmen and top chefs all share a table at Ethel’s

    At Ethel’s Grill in Kalihi, the jalousied dining room seats 22, sumo handprints decorate the cinder-block walls and forklifts and container trucks rumble past the front door.

  • Get Fresh

    Naked Cow Dairy: O‘ahu's Only Dairy

    Bringing fresh and natural island milk back to the table

    Sisters Monique van der Stroom and Sabrina St. Martin thought about naming their all-female (both of the human and bovine kind) dairy the Diva Dairy. Except, well, none of them are really divas.


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