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Keeaumoku: Point your chopsticks this way

This street offers a sampler platter of Asia, from Korea to Taiwan

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    Stroll on Over to Kaimuki

    Nibbling around one of Honolulu's oldest neighborhoods

    Kaimuki, bounded by Diamond Head makai, Manoa to the west and Kahala to the east, has over a hundred restaurants and markets, but we focus on the dense strip of Waialae between 8th Avenue and 13th Avenue. It’s a small area, but endlessly explorable and deliciously tantalizing.

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    One Street: Three Restaurants

    Eating our way along Waikiki Beach Walk

    Step inside Kaiwa for a look at some of their delectable offerings, watch Matsugen noodle maker Shingo Chibano roll and cut dough into soba and check out the antipasti at Taormina. (3:32)

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    Kakaako Revealed

    With D.K. Kodama and Friends

  • Plate & Place

    Kakaako Revealed

    Thought you knew them all? This month, new wave sushi chef extraordinaire D.K. Kodama and friends lead us to Kakaako’s hidden treasures and surprise finds.

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