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Kapalua Wine and Food Festival Retrospective

A history of the longest running wine festival in the US...maybe?

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    Kapalua Wine and Food Festival Retrospective

    A history of the longest running wine festival in the US...maybe?

    Recently, Kapalua Resort on Maui threw its 29th annual Kapalua Wine and Food Festival, of which Master Sommelier and festival host Fred Dame wrote in the festival guide, “I believe that makes us the longest surviving wine and food event in the USA. If not, who cares!” And that sort of sums up the vibe of KWFF.

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    Loving a Wine Lover

    A gift guide that addresses your grape-nut valentine's other passions

    You’ve accomplished the easy part: You’ve found yourself a special valentine, and you’ve decided to buy a gift that shows how much you care. But the hard part is still ahead. What do you get someone who is forever looking for great legs, a full body, and mushroom notes? Rather than show off your gams and tape portobellos to yourself, might I suggest you go another route: Buy a gift that satisfies your wine lover’s other loves.

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    When Wine Comes First

    Roy Yamaguchi and chefs pair food with some of the rarest wines in the world

    In a recent wine dinner to celebrate the 80th birthday of Tawfiq Khoury, a builder and real estate developer who at one time had the largest private wine collection in the world, Roy Yamaguchi and his staff had the daunting task of pairing food to 9 different wines they had never tasted.

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    Tawfiq Khoury's 80th Birthday at Roy's

    The food pairings and techniques explained

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    Vino’s Wine Dinners

    Flowing wine makes for a communal table

    Share your table with friends over good wine and food paired by Sommelier Furuya and Chef Endo.

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    Sip and savor at Twist's lounge overlooking Waikiki

    Wine flights and tantalizing bites

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    Like Coffee for Wine

    A sommelier takes his palate to coffee growing and roasting

    For Duane Harens, who has tasted over a million wines and opened at least 150,000 bottles in his lifetime, it’s only natural that he would apply his well-honed palate to other liquid pleasures.

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    Five Wines Under $25 to Celebrate Love

    For this month of love, Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya, wine director of the DK Restaurant Group, gives us his wine recommendations to set the mood.

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    Au Bon Climat’s Jim Clendenen Tells All to Chuck Furuya

    Clendenen and Chuck Furuya talk wines

    Chuck Furuya rates Jim Clendenen’s 2005 vintages as among his best ever. Watch the tastings (4:36)

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