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Hawaii Ranchers Ground Beef now available

It's time for Honolulu consumers to step up to the plate and buy locally raised beef

Hawaii Ranchers Ground Beef, a 100 per cent local, grass fed, pasture raised ground beef product is being launched March 10 at three Foodland stores in Honolulu – Market City, Beretania, and Foodland Farms in Aina Haina.

Puu o hoku molokaiRecognizing the desire that Hawaii consumers have for local beef product, the Hawaii Ranchers brand is being marketed by the Hawaii Cattle Producers Coop and will hopefully become a regular part of consumers' choice for ground beef.
Not only does locally raised beef support the many generations-old ranching families in our state, the Hawaii Ranchers grass fed product is healthier for you. Grass fed beef is leaner and lower in calories than beef raised on corn or other grains that are high in starch. No hormones or antibiotics are given to these naturally raised beef cattle that freely graze on open pasture.

Red bolognese sauce over pastsBeta carotene and vitamin E are found in greater concentration in the muscle tissue of grass fed beef than grain fed beef. Grass fed beef also contains more omega 3 fatty acids, the heart friendly fat. That's probably because the cow has eaten grass and omega 3s are derived from plant matter.
Mini meatloaves-1The Hawaii Ranchers ground beef is also fresher: it is air shipped to Oahu and processed within a few days of slaughter compared to beef that is imported from the U.S. Mainland or New Zealand.
Step up to the plate and shop for Hawaii Ranchers ground beef at the three Foodland locations starting March 10. 


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