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Alan Wong's Eggscellent Recipe Contest

Celebrates the centennial anniversary of a Wahiawa egg farm

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  • Hawaii Ranchers Ground Beef now available

    It's time for Honolulu consumers to step up to the plate and buy locally raised beef

    Hawaii Ranchers Ground Beef, a 100 per cent local, grass fed, pasture raised ground beef product is being launched March 10 at three Foodland stores in Honolulu – Market City, Beretania, and Foodland Farms in Aina Haina.

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    Naked Cow Dairy: O‘ahu's Only Dairy

    Bringing fresh and natural island milk back to the table

    Sisters Monique van der Stroom and Sabrina St. Martin thought about naming their all-female (both of the human and bovine kind) dairy the Diva Dairy. Except, well, none of them are really divas.

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    Wai‘anae Farmers’ Market

    Focusing on its community

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    North Shore Cattle Company: Doc Lum’s Legacy

    Former state vet pioneers 100% Hawai‘i Grown Beef

    When Calvin “Doc” Lum retired, he leased a parcel of land high above the North Shore, quiet and breezy with expansive views of the ocean and the Wai‘anae range. Not so uncommon for retirees looking for a peaceful place to rest, but it wasn’t for himself. Rather, these thousand acres were for his cattle, and it was the beginning of the North Shore Cattle Company.

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    Asparagus: Signs of Spring

    Twin Bridge Farms provides a unique crop

    What started as a moonlighting project has made Milton Agader and Al Medrano some of the most sought after farmers on Oahu. They are the main producers of island asparagus, found on many a fine-dining plate, in Alan Wong’s to DK Kodama’s restaurants.

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    Hawaiian Red Veal: 100% Hawaii born and raised

    Sustainably and humanely raised

    The buzz is starting about Hawaiian Red Veal, a new product from Hawaii's cattle ranchers that's making its debut in Honolulu the week of April 20, 2009.

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    The Incredible Edible Egg

    Hawaii eggs from hen to table in three days

    Easter may be over, but Hawaii's local egg industry still needs your support. Why buy local eggs? For one thing, Hawaii eggs are fresher. A mainland egg can be up to two weeks old by the time it reaches your hands, whereas Hawaii-laid eggs take about three days from hen to table.

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    Two Heart Salad

    Two-Heart Salad Carries Love Through the Year

    The ivory-white heart of the peach palm adds a soft crunch to salads and is delicious when sliced and sautéed in a little olive oil. I like foods that have a heart, that require a little stripping away of outer shells to get to their inner core.

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    Makaha Mangoes Unpeeled

    The broad swath of Makaha Valley wends well on its way toward the heart of the Waianae Mountains before Mark Suiso’s place comes into view. At a dusty corner where an old monkeypod arcs over the road, Suiso sits at a picnic table in his back yard, behind a neatly arrayed line of mangoes.

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    Mango Season in Waianae

    Editors note: This article was published in 2008. Since then, the Waianae market has moved to Waianae Comprehensive Health Center and is held every Saturday morning.

    Every first and third Saturday this summer, Candy and Mark Suiso have set out boxes of mangoes at the Waianae Farmers’ Market. Pirie, Rapoza, Gouveia, Momi K—the names fall on the ears of mango devotees like a melody of summer’s bursting promise.

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    From Hook to Plate

    Check Out the Honolulu Fish Auction

    Brooks Takenaka steers us through the high-intensity world of the Honolulu fish auction.

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